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1. 机身材质为喷塑钢。
Material is not easy to accumulate dust, cleaning simple.
2. 感应器感测铝箔自动触发封口。
It has the ability to automatically detect the presence of aluminum foil in the cover, without which the foil does not work.
3. 感应线圈运用180℃铜线绕成,耐腐蚀性强。
Selection of high quality copper wire, corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation, long service life.
4. 全封闭式??榈缏?,防护性能可靠,故障低,大幅延长设备使用寿命。
Full closed module circuit, reliable protection performance, low failure, greatly prolong the service life of the equipment.
5. 功率输出大小可调,准确控制不同瓶口直径需要的磁热强度。
赛尔专利感应器ZL 201520800479.7封口范围广,可调式功率让封口更节能。
The power output is adjustable, and the magnetic and thermal strength required for the diameter of the bottle mouth is accurately controlled.
6. 内置稳压电源,电网波动时功率恒定补偿。
Built-in steady voltage power supply, power constant compensation when power grid fluctuates.
SR-800 is an air-cooled manual electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, used for condiment, medicine, chemical preparations and other products bottle packaging seal. It is only satisfied with small batch and laboratory individual bottle packing and sealing requirements, advanced function, simple operation.

工作电压/频率 220V  50/60Hz
Electricity power

输出功率 1200Wmax
Max power

封口直径范围 50-120毫米
Bottle neck diameter

适合瓶体高度 不限
Bottle height

封口速度 0-20瓶/分钟(人工手动封口)
Sealing speed